Ripped blanket

How to repair a horse blanket

Horses have a knack for ripping their blankets when there is a big storm coming . . . or the blanket is brand new.

Many blanket cleaners will sew on patches and do other repairs but when you need to fix your blanket NOW here are a few tips and techniques. They should come in very handy when your horse looks at you with complete innocence while wearing a blanket with a big hole in it!


  • If you can sew up a rip, try using dental floss instead of thread — it’s stronger;
  • If the blanket has to go right back out in the field, try patching with duct tape and then sewing down the edges
  • If sewing isn’t your thing, try gluing on patches with Mighty Mend It Glue¬† (or any flexible fabric glue) or using iron on patches.
  • Order a whole kit from Amazon.
  • Schneiders makes blanket repair tape, which is demonstrated in the video below.

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