Micklem Bridle

How to assemble the Micklem Bridle

I’ve been using a Micklem Bridle for a number of years and I really like the way it fits my horses. However, the first time I opened up the bag and saw all of the pieces, it took me awhile to figure out how they went together.

The sidepull configuration is a piece of cake. Some of the others? Not so much.

Note to North American riders — when it’s sold in Europe the Micklem Multipurpose bridle has a few more components that we don’t get because of a patent issue with Dr. Cook’s Bitless bridles (personally, I find them to be different enough that it shouldn’t be an issue, but no one asked me). When I bought my first bridle it still came with all the add ons.

If you want to use the bridle in its other bitless configurations you can get the straps made here for short money. Just email William Micklem and he can send you the dimensions.

This video is very helpful!

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