How to make a horse hair bracelet

Theres no guarantee that your bracelet will turn out as nicely as this one from, but it can be a inspiration.
There's no guarantee that your bracelet will turn out as nicely as this one from, but it can be a inspiration.

Horse hair jewelry is a great gift for equestrians and a fun way to honor your horse.

Bracelets and necklaces are not easy to make but with some practice you can make gifts for your friends and yourself.

So, how do you start?


  • Collect tail hair from the horse(s) you want to use. If you have horses with different colored tails you can braid them into a pattern!
  • Take the hair from the bottom of the tail bone. You need to take long ones. You’ll need about an inch in diameter. Put a rubber band on them (a braiding band works well).
  • Next, wash the hair with shampoo. It’s really important that the hair be very clean; you may need to wash it more than once. Don’t use conditioner on it!
  • Get supplies at a craft store such as Michael’s, AC Moore, or JoAnn’s Fabrics. They sell jewelry findings that you can use to attach the ends.
  • When the hair is dry, take carpet thread that matches the color and wrap it tightly. Then use E-600 glue around the thread to help it hold.
  • Decide what kind of braid you would like to try. Round braids work well. If you’ve ever braided a lanyard, you will find the same techniques work. Here’s a site with instructions.
  • Attach the finding to the end of the bound hair. Put some glue in the finding, insert the hair and then squeeze it shut with small pliers. You should put a cloth around the finding before you close it to prevent the pliers from scratching the metal.
  • Tie the end to something sturdy so you can pull on the strands while you braid and help keep the braid tight.
  • When you reach the end, wrap it with thread, seal it with glue and add the second finding.


  • Make sure to keep the braid snug but not too tight as it will kink.
  • Trim any hairs that stick out of the braid with scissors.
  • You can spray the braid with hair spray to make it stick together better and make it shiny.


  1. Laurie

    An inch in diameter? Maybe 1/4 inch? Maybe even less than that depending on the findings you can find. I had to go online to find findings that were at least 4 mm. in diameter on the inside. There’s more to this endeavor than what’s written here.

  2. Larry Tatum

    I’ve been happy with my 2 purchases from Solenaro Designs Horse Hair Jewelry since trying to make my own bracelets. Impecable jewelry. Beautiful bracelets and earrings. Take a look if you are looking for higher quality than home made. Beautiful.

  3. Beverly K.

    I must agree with Larry. I too have a piece made from Solenaro Designs Jewelry and wear one every day. Gets more complements than all other pieces I wear. The hair was woven flat and inserted into the cuff bracelet. I’ve been wearing it for about 4 years and looks fabulous. For ideas on how to make georgious hose hair jewelry check out Solenaro Designs.

    1. admin

      I am very sorry for your loss. I have still not been able to bring myself to use the tail hairs that we collected when my horse died but I plan to have a bracelet made from them. Another very nice keepsake I’ve seen are decorated horse shoes. If you have any of his old ones, you can make a lovely wall hanging from it.

    2. Jolene

      Tailspins will make you bracelets from your own horse hair. there another tht i think is called fairytails? I have my mares tail from 10 years ago. I wouldnt trust myself for hers and their fairly reasonable depending on what you want. $100. As to rods western will do the same but for like $300. I cant wait to get mine done.Good luck.

  4. Joan Rivers

    Bought horse hair necklaces and bracelets from Solenaro Designs in New Jersey. Never thought anything from New Jersey could be pretty…have you seen the women?
    I have friends that ride and breed and they love the jewelry from Solenaro Designs. Happy New Year!

  5. Diane Coombe

    Is there anyone out there that will make me a horse hair bracelet from the hair I have collected for the horses I work with at RDA
    cheers Diane

  6. Melissa

    Hi Diane,
    Not sure if you are still interested but I make horse hair bracelets. I actually just made one for myself. It is not a cuff bracelet but a braided bracelet with two silver ornate end caps, a horse charm hanging off of the chain that closes the bracelet. If your interested you can email me. Not sure how this works but hopefully you can get in touch with me if you need to.

    Also… hair can also be used in pottery. It is included into the clay and then when baked in the kiln it changes into all different colors in thin hair like patterns. My brother in law is a potterer and made a beautiful vase with one of my horses that had passed away (was 35 yrs old). Just an FYI

    1. Diane Coombe

      Hi Melissa,
      Is there any chance of seeing the bracelet you are talking about?
      I have made myself one but had a devil of a job to get the clasps to close bracelet, everything I found was two narrow to hold the hair tight.
      I have a very small wrist and wanted something that I could leave on all the time.

      A I work at RDA I was able to collect hair from all nine horse that we run there, which makes for a nice colour, as there is three greys and a chestnut in that lot.


  7. Bonnie Maraski

    Diane. Seems I’m joining the bandwagon on the Solenaro Designs parade. They just make the pieces (and the process) so special. I have 3 bracelets from 3 heart horses and I stack them together. It’s all quite remarkable. Hope you find something special. Keep up the great work at RDA. Bonnie M

  8. Vickie W

    Lost my granddaughters horse Friday, we had her 20 years and my granddaughter had ridden her for 15 years. We took some of her tail to make either a bracelet or a key chain or hopefully both. Great way to remember her, wish I had done it when I lost my childhoold horse after 17 years.

  9. Lauren

    I have been taking care of a rescue horse.They are very special we have a bond together like no other she is my best friend.She leaves at the end of the month so i cut some of her tail hair’s off to make myself a bracelet so i will always remember her ( Winter ).I’m having the same problem finding the 4 mm diameter ends.Going to Jo Ann’s tomorrow hope they have some & wish me luck…I’m sure you do a great job at making them.But it’s more special if i try to make it myself first…..

  10. Steve

    Great article! I’d love to try this but I’m just not that handy. I was born with two fists full of thumbs. In response to Laurens comment, I think it’s true, you do have to count them out to make sure that the braids are of a consistent size. I’ve also heard that you have to alternate the hairs root ends so that each end is half roots, half tips. I think that’s because the hair tapers toward the tips. For now, I’ll stick to pre-made stuff. I checked out solenaro and their stuff is very nice but also very expensive. Debbie posted a weebly site but they’re overseas. I buy my horsehair stuff from Spur Western because the prices are reasonable and the selection is just insane. Check them out if you’re into horses or the western thing, they have a lot of cool stuff besides bracelets.

  11. Jenny

    I make horsehair jewelry and there is more to it than this article would imply! If it were that simple, we wouldn’t charge what we do for custom work. To make a quality piece of horsehair jewelry is tedious and time consuming and I love it!
    If anyone is still looking for a custom made piece, please feel free to check out my website and I would be happy to help make you a custom horsehair bracelet (or other keepsake) that will look great and last!

  12. Hope

    If anyone would like a piece of horse hair jewelry made I would love to help. I created the bracelet that is pictured. My website shows many more pieces that are available from your horse’s hair.

    I only use real sterling silver to created your memory pieces. Please be sure to ask this question if you want a forever pieces. If your jewelry is created using Base Metal it WILL fall apart.

    11 years of creating wonderful memories pieces. If I can help you just ask. Hope

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  14. Breeann

    How do you keep the horse hair from becoming loose in the braid after it’s all put together? Is there some sort of glue I should use?

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