Masterson Method Bladder Meridian

How to relax your horse using the Bladder Meridian

I’m a big fan of massage and am always looking for DIY techniques. I came across Jim Masterson’s videos a few years ago and have been using them on my horse ever since.

The Bladder Meridian is one of the most often treated meridians on the horse. It is located along each side of the spine and contains some of the most important Acupuncture points in the body. Running your fingers along the bladder meridian can help identify areas where your horse is holding tension and encourage your horse to release it.

Your horse will let you know when you hit on a “hot spot”. Common responses include blinking, licking, chewing, and yawning. Before your horse releases he or she may also start to fidget as he protects that part of his body (as prey animals, horses do not like to show where they are hurting). Just stay lightly on that spot with your fingers until your horse shows one of the signs of release.

You can treat the Bladder Meridian as often as you would like — it’s not something you can overdo. I usually check along the Meridian every time I ride or groom.

Note: There are many free videos on YouTube that demonstrate the Masterson Method. You can access Jim Masterson’s YouTube channel or visit his website.

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