Davis Soaking Boot

How to use a soaking boot

Davis Soaking BootIf your horse has an abscess or a hoof injury that requires soaking, using a soaking boot like the Davis Boot, can make the experience far less painful for you and easier on your horse.

With a soaking boot you don’t have to convince your horse to stand with his hoof in a bucket of hot water. You don’t have to clean up the spilled water. And your horse gets better quality soaking time.

Here’s how you use the boot:

  • Heat the water and mix it with Epsom salts. It’s helpful to put it in a container with a spout.
  • Make sure the top strap is opened on the boot so that it’s easy to slip the horse’s hoof into it.
  • Place the boot on your horse’s hoof.
  • Pour the water and Epsom salts mixture into the boot. Be careful to pour it in slowly as the addition of the hot water may startle your horse, especially the first time you do it.
  • When you have poured the water into the boot, use the strap to tighten the top of the boot. This helps the boot stay secure and prevents too much water from splashing out.
  • Pour the Epsom salts and water mixture


  • You can leave your horse on the cross ties while his hoof soaks or put him in his stall.
  • You can add hot water to the boot to prolong the soaking time.

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