Cavallo Simple Boot

How to put on a Cavallo hoof boot

Cavallo Simple BootThe Cavallo Simple Boot is aptly named because it is very simple to put on.

  • Open the velcro straps and pull the boot fully open.
  • Slide it on your horse’s hoof
  • Close the large flap over the tongue (there’s velcro there, too, to keep it secure)
  • Bring the second flap over the first and smooth it down.
  • Apply the Simple BootFasten the straps through the d-rings


  • If the boots are older or you are riding through muddy or wet terrain, you might use cable ties to keep the boots secure. Most of the time the boots will stay on Cavallo simple boot with cable tie closureseven if the Velcro straps come undone but the cable ties make them extra secure!

You can see the Cavallo boots in action here:


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