Duct Tape hoof boot

How to make a duct tape hoof wrap

There are times when you need to protect your horse’s hoof — maybe he threw a shoe or has an abscess — but you don’t have a hoof boot.

Here are great instructions on how to create a durable duct tape wrap for a hoof that can be used to keep the sole clean and dry, or apply an antiseptic or poultice. It’s easy to do and inexpensive.

  • Make the duct tape patch first. Overlap 6-8 strips of duct tape horizontally and then add 6-8 more strips vertically to form a wide patch. The diameter of the patch should be wide enough to cover the bottom of your horse’s foot and a good portion of the hoof wall on all sides. Now use scissors to cut the corners diagonally to allow the tape to conform better to the wall.
  • Make sure that the hoof wall is clean and completely dry. Duct tape will only adhere well to a dry hoof wall.
  • Hold your horse’s foot between your knees. Using a tongue depressor or knife, apply poultice to the sole. Apply several squares of gauze, or a baby diaper, over the poultice.
  • Place the duct tape patch centered over the sole, and use your hands to adhere the sticky part of the tape all around the hoof wall.
  • Allow the horse to step down onto the patch. Fold the tabs up onto the hoof wall.
  • Unroll the duct tape and place it around the rim of the sole, making several turns and up onto the hoof wall, directly under the coronet band. Put your horse’s hoof down and ensure that the tape is not on the hairline. Flatten it out and smooth it against the hoof wall. Add strips to reinforce and improve the appearance of the bandage.

A duct tape hoof boot isn’t suitable for turnout, but in well bedded, dry stall, you can probably make it last for several days. Reinforce it at the toe using additional strips of duct tape as needed.