How to Clean a Synthetic Saddle

How to Clean a Synthetic Saddle

One of the beauties of using a synthetic saddle is that care is minimal and easy. Synthetic saddles are pretty impervious to sweat or rain and they don’t really show dirt. I’ve always had a Wintec or two in my tackroom, especially when out hunting in the rain. However, even synthetic saddles get sweaty or dusty.

With a synthetic saddle, the elements are not an issue. So, toss the oil and the saddle soap. Not only are they unnecessary, but using these products aren’t good for a synthetic saddle. Here’s what I’ve found works well:


  • Wipe the saddle with a damp cloth after riding.
  • If the saddle is really dirty, you can vacuum it (like they show in the video) and/or use a damp cloth with some mild soap, like Casteel soap. After scrubbing off the saddle, wipe it again with a clean damp cloth.
  • Don’t hose down or soak your saddle, especially if it’s wool flocked. While the saddle surface will dry out relatively quickly, the flocking will be wet for a long time.
  • If your saddle gets wet (say, from riding in the rain), don’t leave it in the sun to dry. Wipe it off and put it in a warm shady spot.
  • For equisuede, you can restore the nap and clean off dirt by brushing with a stiff brush.
  • Wintec also makes a spray on cleaner that you can use to get off stubborn stains.

Tips & Warnings:

  • Don’t use solvents on your saddle or girth.
  • Don’t soak your saddle with water.
  • Always dry your saddle out of the sun.
  • Don’t apply oils or waxes.

My Wintecs are at least 10 years old and they are still going strong!

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