Slide the gullet points back into the pockets.

How to change a Wintec gullet

Wintec’s EASY-CHANGE™ Gullet System makes it easy for horse owners to adjust their saddle fit as their horse matures and changes shape. I’ve used them on my own horses, especially when I buy a horse that is young or under muscled — by changing the gullet I can accommodate my horse’s changing shape without buying a whole new saddle.

It’s not hard to change a Wintec gullet. The only tool you need is a Phillips head screw driver and maybe an extra hand!


  • First, use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the screws from the panel.Use a Phillips head screwdriver to remove the screws located under the pommel. Make sure you put them somewhere safe!





  • Separate the velcro closure from the pommel.Next loosen the velcro closure at the pommel and pull the tree points from their pocket. This exposes the gullet plate. You’ll see that it is attached by a screw at the end of each one.




  • Remove the screws that hold the gullet plate in place.Remove the screws at the bottom of the gullet plate. These screws are different from the ones you use to secure the skirt so keep them safe, too.
  • Remove the existing gullet and slide the new one into place. Put each of the screws in loosely before you start to tighten them up. Make sure you use the correct screws.
  • Slide the gullet points back into the pockets.Slide the points of the gullet back into their pockets.
  • Re-attach the velcro closure over the pommel and put the screws back in.


This video gives you an overview of the process.


  • While it is usually quite easy to increase or decrease a gullet when going up or down one size, it can be more difficult if you are trying to decrease two sizes or more as it can be difficult to get the saddle to compress in far enough to tighten the screws. In that case, you should use a gullet that is one size smaller for about a week and then bring the saddle down another size.
  • Don’t be afraid to “manhandle” the saddle a bit. The wintecs are quite strong and you can bend it quite aggressively without causing any harm.

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