Measure your saddle from the "button" to the center of the cantle.

How to measure seat size on an English saddle

English and Western saddles come in different seat sizes. Of course, they aren’t measured the same way (that would be too easy). However, understanding seat size is critical to getting a saddle that fits!

Here’s how you measure the seat size on an English saddle.

  • Measure your saddle from the "button" to the center of the cantle.Start measuring from the nail, or “button”, that is on either side of the pommel.
  • Extend the measuring tape from the button to the center of the cantle.
  • That’s it!


  • Remember that seat depth impacts fit just as much as size. A 17″ saddle with a flat seat will ride “bigger” than a 17″ saddle with a deep seat. That’s why it’s important to try different saddles before buying.
  • In general, dressage saddles have deeper seats than jumping saddles. People often need to go up half an inch or an inch in size depending on the depth of the seat.


  1. Julia Hubbel

    I can’t possibly measure a saddle or sit on one I’m planning to buy on line. So your instructions don’t help- me at all. I need help in figuring out how to ORDER a saddle that fits. I am tall, slim, 120 pounds. How can I tell what size and depth of saddle to order?

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