Horse Health

How to make Quarter Marks

Quarter marks are the patterns that are back combed into your horse’s hair, generally placed over the hind quarters. They are an elegant addition to your show preparations. Traditional patterns are checkerboards, diamonds and sharks teeth but there are stencils available that allow a host of different shapes. Instructions Start with a clean horse. Spray […]


How to measure a hoof.

Hoof boots are great products that can help you transition your horse to barefoot, ride barefoot horses on harder terrain,  or protect a horse’s hoof if it’s thrown a shoe. However, getting the right size and shape hoof boot is highly dependent on measuring your horse’s hoof properly. How to measure Measure the width of […]


How to apply standing wraps.

There are many times when you will want to apply standing wraps on your horse — they are useful for shipping, for supporting a leg after an injury (compression can help reduce swelling) or for protecting a leg that has a wound. However, it’s very important to learn proper techniques for wrapping a horse. Wrapping […]