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How to check the fit on an equestrian helmet

Helmet Fit
Helmet Safety Poster
This helmet safety poster from the Equestrian Medical Safety Association provides a handy check list to post at your barn.

Head protection is a critical element of rider safety. According to the Equestrian Medical Safety Association, 60% of equestrian fatalities are caused by head injuries! While equestrian helmets are far safer than they used to be, if your helmet doesn’t fit, it can compromise your safety.

I see far too many people riding with helmets that are obviously too large — they move around too much on the rider’s head. I’ve also heard people complain that their helmets leave indents on their foreheads or give them headaches — indicating the helmets are either too small or the wrong shape for their heads.

Helmet fit is very individual. I know that I can try on multiple helmets that are technically the same size only to find that I don’t like how most of them fit — even when they are just different models from the same company. That’s why it’s better to try a helmet on at a tack store, rather than order one from a catalog or website before you’ve assessed fit.

To determine whether a helmet fits, you should start with a helmet that is ASTM/SEI certified (if you’re in the U.S.) and then go through the following checklist.

Video Demonstration

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